The Walk for Mental Health Awareness – Houston

The Walk for Mental Health Awareness- Houston (TWH) is a non-profit organization that hosts annual event during the World Mental Health Week. TWH works alongside other 501(c)(3) agencies which provide mental services to the those in the Greater Houston area. These agencies make up our list of “Walk Agencies” teams.


The 5K Walk

TWH is where local 501(C)3 non-profits join as one, to raise funds and awareness. This is done by advocating on behalf of people with a mental illness and by registering a “Walk Agency” team. The 5k walk is designed to invigorate mental illness sufferers to receive help and treatment. TWH has no finish line and instead an “Arch of Breakthrough”, symbolizing achievements’ in mental health. TWH raises funds and awareness for mental health but more importantly, raises self-esteem, self-respect and worthiness in a sufferer.

Mental Health Expo

After the 5K walk concludes, the “Mental Health Expo” begins. This is where mental health service providers network with participants of the walk.

The Children’s Corner

The “Children’s Corner” is a pro-active learning area offering information on childhood mental illnesses. *Please be aware that this is not a diagnosis.*

The Pup Tent

TWH is dog friendly and we encourage all participants to bring the dog to the walk. However, all dogs must be on a leash and collar. It is scientifically proven a dog benefits a person with a perceived mental illness.