Become a Walk Agency

In order to become a Walk Agency for the 2017 The Walk Houston 5K Walk, agencies must meet the following requirements:

1) be a 501.c-3.
2) be housed in the greater Houston area.
3) offer mental health services and/or support to your clients.
4) promote your agencies participation in The Walk Houston via ALL of your social media networks.
And if possible BUT NOT REQUIRED – put together your agency’ walk team.
The fundraising is Done By The Registered Walkers who would select your agency to go out and get people to sponsor them to participate in the walk.
90% of the funds that each walker raises is sent to the Walk Agency that they selected at registration. The Walk Houston retains 10% of those raised funds to cover the fees that we incur for doing all of the process & handling.

If your agency meets all the requirements and would like to become a 2017 Walk Agency please email Patrick McIlvian at Online registration opens on February 13th, 2017.

2017 Walk Agencies Teams

Click on the following agencies below to visit the organizations webpage to learn more about their services before selecting a Walk Agency to support.

Walk Agencies Teams:

Bee Busy Wellness Center

Body Love 4 All

Catholic Charities of The Archdiocese of Galveston – Houston

Crisis Intervention of Houston

Family Houston

Fort Bend Clubhouse

Hope Clinic

Houston Counseling Association

Houston Galveston Institute

Legacy Community Health

Magnificat House

National Alliance for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Recovery

   National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder

Prosumers Houston

The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD

The Harris School

the Montrose Center

The Walk for Mental Health Awareness – Houston

Worklife Institute

Special Walk Teams:

Houston LPC Association – Houston Galveston Institute

Lost Inside – The Walk Houston

Magin Family & Friends – The Walk Houston

Scrumptious Houston – The Walk Houston

St Anne’s Church – Catholic Charities

Team Jessica – Crisis Intervention of Houston

Wesley’s Squad – The Walk Houston

Corporate Walk Teams:

The Company – All Agencies

Coach Memorial City